Dump Truck (72 ton capacity) ZOOMLION ZT105-11

FOB Shanghai. Цена в USD c НДС по курсу ЦБ на день платежа. 1. Narrow body cab, U-shape cargo compartment, radical tire with inner tube 2. Axle: front axle 25t hydro-pneumatic suspension; middle and rear axle 40t*2+leaf spring suspension 3. Rated Power (kW/rpm) : 382/1900 Max Torque (N.m/Rpm): 2.200(1.100-1.500) 4. Capacity : 40-47 m3 5. Curb Weight:31,500 kg, Size mm: 9200*3750*3900 6. Rated Payload : 72,000 kg 7. Engine Model : YC6K560-GT30 (560 HP) 8. Gearbox Model: FAST 8DS240A 9.Max Speed (km/h):49 10.Not equipped with hydraulic slow moving mechanism Гарантия 24 месяца или 7000 часов, в зависимости от того, что наступит раньше, но без присутствия механика на месте.